“Perhaps the same bird echoed through both of us yesterday, separate, in the evening.”

- Rilke

Birds of paradise, Celtic symbols and our new Lockdown reality set amidst the mystical beauty of the Karoo, is the unlikely alchemy that has inspired the artist Gregg Price’s latest solo 

exhibition: Paradise and the Plague.

Price draws in response to unfolding events in his life. Images, words and symbols are an interpretive language which bridge the space, between his inner and outer worlds. 

He chooses to play on the edges of chance and his drawings are an authentic expression of the moment in which he is often surprised by what they reveal.

“I do not wish the artwork to be engaged within a literal way. For me, there is no definitive meaning; no clear solution, no resolve, no singular interpretation for each piece. I enjoy both meaning or the lack of it to play lightly through the images.”

Nationality: South African

Residence: Johannesburg, South Africa