Patrick's work is about the strength of women, captured via everyday moments. Patrick uses charcoal drawing and acrylic painting on canvas, applied in the form of a wash. The washes mimic the constant wish that some women have to wash away certain experiences they have undergone in their lives.

The artist chose deliberately to wash the canvas and allow the paint to drip as a metaphor for women’s tears of pain, but also of joy and success. His choice of colour, sepia or pink, is both a reflection of the time that is needed for healing, as well as the tension of their daily lives. Most portraits are drawn in the form of bust figures, like the idealised eternal youth and strength of the Roman and Greek statues, which  signifies pillars of strength, but also a reflection of womanhood and of time that passes.

The moments captured in his works point to a sensitive issue around the world; in this case he uses Johannesburg as a point of reference. Johannesburg is a cosmopolitan city that attracts people from all social , political, and cultural backgrounds, especially from neighbouring African countries, in search of work. It is especially within this multicultural work-deprived and overpopulated environment of Johannesburg, where the artist sees the strength of the women he comes across in his daily life.